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An Autonomous AI Companion Robot
An Autonomous AI Companion Robot By Ayushee Sharma September 30, 2020 3460 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Linkedin Email Print Telegram Robots, though initially used for purposes like manufacturing in factories, are slowly finding their way
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Samsung showcases AI life companion concept robot …

Samsung revealed a concept AI-powered robot called Ballie (pronounced Ball-E) at CES 2020. Called a life companion robot, Ballie is designed to offer personalized care by interacting with its
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Companion Robots
 · These social companion robots or humanoids can exist in different forms and shapes and the technology is advancing quickly. Here is a video of Jimmy Fallon singing a duet with a companion robot, Sophia. The part that I found a bit “freaky” was the expressions
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Tapia AI Robot Companion
Tapia AI Robot Companion – Whether you are looking for a digital assistant or friend, Tapia AI Robot Companion is a welcome addition to your home with his adorable eyes. Tapia recognizes human voices and actions, along with names and personal details such as birthdays, and loves to chat and learn new things. Tapia can pick up
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Adorable Egg-Shaped Robots : companion robot

The Tapia AI robot learns about you and those around you by having conversations and is capable of making calls, ordering products online and let you know about information like the weather. The Tapia AI companion robot can also be set to be with users for designated periods of time.
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Samsung Electronics unveils ‘human-centric’ AI at CES

Equipped with on-device AI technology, the robot can perform security functions. “Samsung’s vision is more than just a cute robot. It’s vision of technology as an all-around personal life companion.
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Vector Robot by Anki
Shop Vector Robot by Anki – Your Voice Controlled, AI Robotic Companion, With Amazon Alexa Built-In. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. More than a home robot, Vector is a companion made to help out and hang out Powered by AI and
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PiBo is a robotic companion for single people
 · But instead of dropping two grand on an Aibo, check out this unnervingly cute companion robot from Korean developer, Circulus. Say hello to piBo . PiBo is built with service in mind.
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Your future companion could be a robot

 · Scassellati says that the best thing companion robots like Paro do is to facilitate social interactions. For example, if middle school kids hear their grandmother has a new robot pet, they may ask Mom to take them to visit her in the nursing home. Other residents
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Miko 2
The robot for playful learning Watch the film Close $299 $399 Ends in Buy Now Miko 2 engages, educates and entertains kids. A child-safe personal robot that sees, hears, senses and understands your child. An Edutainer
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Gain a friend and an assistant in one with the Tapia AI Robot Companion. Tapia will warm your heart with jokes and laughter after a long day at the office. The gadget has an emotion expression system and favorability rating system installed for daily conversation.
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The parenting robot: An AI-based companion for your …

Miko is an artificially intelligent companion robot for children that can answer questions, play games and help children with math problems. Atom Technology Thursday, July 20, 2017 – 21:57 Shilpa
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Sophia (robot)
Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics.[1] Sophia was activated on February 14, 2016,[2] and made her first public appearance at South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in mid-March 2016 in Austin, Texas, United States.[3] Sophia has been covered by media around the globe and has participated in many
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Sony Patents Robotic Gaming Companion That Reacts …

 · Sony has patented an autonomous robotic gaming companion that sympathises with the user and reacts to their emotions during gameplay. A listing found on the US Patent & …
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A Test Drive of Roxxxy, the World’s First Sex Robot

 · We go hands-on with Donald Hines’ 9/11-inspired love robot Roxxxy on the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo. How realistic can modern sex robots get? Find out! Over the weekend attentive nerds probably noticed the buzz and press releases circulating from the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo about a company called TrueCompanion and its “lifelike” sex robot, Roxxxy.
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Grandma’s Robot: How AI Is Revolutionizing Elder Care
Robot Companions Israel’s Intuition Robotics have developed ElliQ, a “sidekick for happier aging.” The AI-powered companion robot can hold conversations with patients, remind them to take