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iPad 和 iPod touch 上盡享豐富功能。
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Letter of Certification
Letter of Certification Students may apply for various kinds of certification letters from SGS in respect of their studies at the University. (For certification of payment records, please contact the Finance Office). Students may apply for certification letters online through
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Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS)
Programme Aims The programme aims to produce data-analytic graduates to meet the growing demand for high-level data science skills and to prepare graduates to apply data science techniques to knowledge discovery and dissemination in organisational decision
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1597A – BEng Information Engineering
Placement Schemes In collaboration with industry, the Department aims to equip students early with real work experience before graduation through different placement schemes. We have Industrial Attachment Scheme (IAS) and Overseas Internship Scheme (OIS), which offer local and overseas summer placement opportunities; and a One-year Professional Internship Programme.
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Photo-taking Arrangement
Please register for QR codes in AIMS > Alumni Services > Campus Access Registration for Graduation Photography starting from 22 February 2021 for gaining access to the campus. Each graduate may apply for a maximum of 3 sessions (AM session: 0800 – 1300, PM session: 1300 – 1800) during 1 March 2021 to 30 April 2021 and bring up to 3 visitors in each session.
CityU welcomes 30 students from Rotman Omnium Global Executive MBA. University of Toronto | College of Business | City University of Hong Kong
MA Global Business Management – College of Business
Programme Aims and Objectives The first of its kind in Hong Kong, this specialist programme aims to help participants to acquire the unique skills and insights that are needed to successfully conduct business across political, economic and cultural boundaries and become highly competent in integrating the global dimensions of key business functions.
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1211 – BEng Biomedical Engineering
To achieve these aims, the Department adopts an interdisciplinary approach and includes subject areas that ensure our graduates are equipped to meet Hong Kong’s current and future needs. The Department ranked 1st in Hong Kong and 23rd in the world in the subject of biomedical engineering in the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2020.
1.500 job opportunities at CityU’s new E-Career Success Fair 2020 | City University of Hong Kong
JS1216 – BEng Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering*
The major aims to nurture students’ cutting-edge engineering knowledge, computational, experimental and analytical techniques to plan, design, implement and improve technology-based manufacturing and operations systems.
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1206 – BSc Computing Mathematics
The Bachelor of Science in Computing Mathematics programme was introduced in 1994. This major is unique in Hong Kong. It emphasizes the balance between theories and their applications to practical problems, with a special focus on applied mathematics
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City University of Hong Kong
Course Aims Contacts People Principal Investigator Coordinator Associate Coordinator Instructors Tutors Advisory board Admin & Support Job Offerings Syllabus Envisioned Teaching & Learning Introduction Symposiums & Conferences [2012] A Web-based GE
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The Department of Chinese and History aims to nurture talents in the areas of Chinese Language and Literature, History, and Cultural Heritage, and to develop the writing and analytical skills as well as critical thinking abilities of students.
CityU welcomes 30 students from Rotman Omnium Global Executive MBA. University of Toronto | College of Business | City University of Hong Kong

Department of Linguistics and Translation, CityU

Webpage of Department of Linguistics and Translation LT Research Forum: Understanding Conventional Uses and Cognitive Representations of Constructions: Corpus and Experimental Methods – Prof. Zhuo Jing-Schmidt 12-04-2021, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m., Online via Zoom
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Entrepreneurship at CityU
CityU Education Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CePIE) is supported jointly by UGC and CityU which aims to enhance professional development of innovation and entrepreneurship education. It will develop an open education platform with an online course based on PIPETM© syllabus and relevant resources for simulating investment, start-up, industrial advisor and IP trading.
Department of EE - City University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and History 文學士(中文及歷史)
Aims of Major The Major in Chinese and History aims to equip students with both advanced and professional knowledge as well as a wide range of analytical skills. Students will gain a broad understanding of Chinese literature, cultural heritage and history over time and across regions, while also specializing on a particular area or theme.
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14 Jan 2021 CityU Joint Lab with six world-renowned enterprises to promote innovative technology City University of Hong Kong (CityU) – Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) and six world-renowned technology companies, including ASM Pacific Technology
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