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Identify the contents of the superior orbital fissure, inferior orbital fissure, and optic canal and the muscles surroun ding these structures. Check the numbers below. Superior Orbital Fissure-lacrimal (1)-frontal of V1 (2)-cranial nerve IV (3)-cranial nerve III (superior div
The Lacrimal Keyhole. Orbital Door Jamb. and Basin of the Inferior Orbital Fissure: Three Areas of Deep Bone in the Lateral Orbit | Ophthalmology ...
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 · canal Superior orbital fissure Inferior orbital fissure Orbital contents 3. Development of orbit Develops around the eyeball Orbital bones: • 2nd to 3rd month of gestation Orbital walls: Neural crest cells 1. Frontonasal process 2. Maxillary process Orbital
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Inferior Orbital Fissure The inferior orbital fissure lies just below the superior orbital fissure, between the lateral wall and floor of the orbit. It transmits the infra-orbital nerve which can be harmed in blow-out fractures, resulting in parasthesia below the lower eyelid.
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The inferior orbital fissure lies on the floor of the orbit. The superior border is the greater wing of the sphenoid, and the maxilla and palatine bone compose the inferior …
The Lacrimal Keyhole. Orbital Door Jamb. and Basin of the Inferior Orbital Fissure: Three Areas of Deep Bone in the Lateral Orbit | Ophthalmology ...


Inferior orbital fissure: Extends from anterior PPF to orbit (opens into posterolateral aspect of orbital floor) Traverses in fissure between greater wing of sphenoid superiorly and maxilla inferiorly Joins with Pterygomaxillary fissure medially Contents:
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 · Superior orbital fissure and foramen ovale (superior view) Superior orbital fissure (SOF): This crack in the middle cranial fossa, that lies just posterior and lateral to the optic canal, can be better appreciated if viewed from the front, as it lies at the back of the eye
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 · PDF 檔案Orbit: through the inferior orbital fissure Pterygo-palatine fossa: through the pterygo-maxillary fissure Middle cranial fossa: through foramen ovale and spinosum Note: the infratemporal fossa lies between the ramus of the mandible laterally and the wall of pharynx
The Lacrimal Keyhole. Orbital Door Jamb. and Basin of the Inferior Orbital Fissure: Three Areas of Deep Bone in the Lateral Orbit | Ophthalmology ...
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Boundaries of the orbit: Roof: Orbital plate of frontal bone, lesser wing of sphenoid Floor: Orbital plate of maxilla, orbital process of palatine bone, part of orbital process of zygomatic bones- contains inferior orbital fissure from apex to orbital margin. Medial wall: Thin
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 · PDF 檔案e) the inferior orbital fissure separates the lesser and greater wings of the sphenoid 3) Regarding the cervical spine: a) all seven cervical vertebrae have spinous processes b) rotatory movements of the head occur mostly at the atlanto-occipital joints c) the
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Start studying Eye Block Anatomy. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Frontal, Zygoma, Sphenoid, Maxilla, Palatine , Lacrimal
The Lacrimal Keyhole. Orbital Door Jamb. and Basin of the Inferior Orbital Fissure: Three Areas of Deep Bone in the Lateral Orbit | Ophthalmology ...

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 · PDF 檔案The Orbit, Orbital Contents and Cranial Nerves III, IV and VI Lecture Objectives •Describe the location of the orbit • Superior orbital fissure • Called abducensbecause it causes abduction of the eyeball (lateral rotation) • Innervates the lateral rectus muscle
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Orbital floor lateral hinge blowout fracture. Coronal and sagittal images in bone and soft tissue algorithm demonstrating a right orbital floor blowout fracture. The displaced fragment hinges laterally at the infraorbital fissure. Note herniation of the orbital contents
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The superior orbital fissure is the communication between the cavernous sinus and the apex of the orbit. It is straddled by the tendinous ring which is the common origin of the four rectus muscles (extraocular muscles). Gross anatomy Boundaries
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Superior Orbital Fissure Syndrome This occurs following severe impact causing constriction of the superior orbital fissure. The structures affected are the contents of the fissure described earlier, namely the lacrimal, frontal, trochlear, superior and inferior branches
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CONTENTS: Superior ophthalmic vein III, IV, VI Cranial nerves Ophthalmic division of V nerve INFERIOR ORBITAL FISSURE Between floor and lateral wall Connects with the infratemporal fossa and pterygopalatine fossa. CONTENTS: Infraorbital and
Photographs showing the posterior view of the superior orbital fissure. The vertical neural limb (SOFv) and horizontal meningeal limb of the ...

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 · The orbital septum is a connective tissue structure that acts as an anterior border between the facial skin and fat and the orbital contents, impeding the spread of infection into the orbit. [2] The lacrimal gland, a secretory gland comprising acini and ducts, produces tears and maintains the microenvironment of the eye.