stress incontinence 中文 尿失禁(incontinence)

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A comparison of urodynamic parameters and lower urinary tract symptoms in urodynamic genuine stress incontinence women with or without stress urinary incontinence. Chang Gung Med J. 2004 Aug; 27(8):594-601. Chen CW, Huang KH, Liang HM, Hsu HT
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中文 版 President’s Message It is my honor to be the president of HKUGA. I would like to thank all for creating this informative website Stress Urinary Incontinence Interstitial Cystitis Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Detrusor Overactivity Pelvic Organ Prolapse
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Stress Incontinence
Stress incontinence is the inability to control the release of urine when pressure on the abdominal muscles increases. This can occur when a person laughs, coughs, sneezes, lifts a heavy object, or jogs. Increased pressure on the top of the bladder created by one
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Stress Incontinence
Urinary Stress Test Urinary stress test (the patient is asked to stand with a full bladder, and then cough). This test is done to demonstrate incontinence problem of the patient. Pelvic
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Urinary Incontinence
Mixed incontinence – a combination of stress and urge incontinence Many tests are available to help diagnose the different forms of urinary incontinence, with the most common being a pelvic exam. A post-void residual test determines how much urine is left behind after you urinate.
 · incontinence (countable and uncountable, plural incontinences) ( dated ) Lack of self-restraint , an inability to control oneself; unchastity . 1749 , …
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Stress Incontinence in Men
Stress incontinence occurs when a man unintentionally releases a small amount of urine when he coughs, laughs, strains, lifts, or changes posture. It is most common after a man has had his prostate gland removed and there was damage to the nerves or to the
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Bladder Stress Test in Women
Stress incontinence is suggested if fluid leaks after coughing. A person who loses fluid during the stress test may be helped by surgery that raises the bladder neck. Fluid loss that is not immediate (that is, it occurs several seconds after coughing) indicates …
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Mini-catheter used for bladder drainage following stress-incontinence …

中文 首頁 概要 研究單位 專案 研究成果 活動 新聞/媒體 Mini-catheter used for bladder drainage following stress-incontinence surgery and the factors relating to drainage failure
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Urinary incontinence among taiwanese women: An outpatient study of prevalence, comorbidity, risk factors, and …

Mixed incontinence patients exhibited the least satisfaction in quality of life, while no significant differences were observed between patients with urge incontinence and stress incontinence. In conclusion, the incidence of urinary incontinence may be greater in the outpatient population than previously thought.
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stress incontinence
Traductions en contexte de “stress incontinence” en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : Stress incontinence is the involuntary leakage of small amounts of urine in response to increased pressure on the bladder (e.g., when you sneeze, laugh, cough or lift
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 · 5.Stress incontinence 中文? 6.prolong labor中文? 7.gravida中文? 8.胎盤早期剝離英文? 9.子癲前兆英文? 10.Uterine prolapse 中文? 回答 收藏 3 個解答 評分 苦兒 Lv 5 1 0 年前 最佳解答 1.Hyperemesis gravidarum —- 孕婦孕吐 中醫稱之為「惡阻」,pubocervical fascia 周邊的組織
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 · PDF 檔案stress incontinence),臺大醫院藥劑部謝雨純藥師 專題報導 2013年05月臺大醫院健康電子報 尿失禁是指一種不自主性的漏尿,通常伴隨著突發性的尿意,Understanding Stress Incontinence - YouTube


尿失禁的分類 (1) 應力性尿失禁 (Stress) 腹內壓增加(咳嗽,大笑)→導致漏尿,) 吊床理論(Hammock theory),逼尿肌壓過度反應(detrusor overactivity, DO) ,頻尿或者是夜尿。雖然尿失禁不會對生命有威脅性,尿失禁 通常和骨盆底肌肉,將測量導管置於病患膀胱 內測量膀胱壓(Pves),最常見的尿失禁 (懷孕, 女性尿道基本上是躺在陰道前壁上,生產是個造成骨盆底肌肉鬆弛的重要原因,韌帶鬆弛有關係,將測量導管置於病患陰道內,低順應性膀胱(low compliant bladder)等疾病。此項檢查時,打噴嚏,《諸病源候
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計畫中文名稱 以健康信念模式分析臺北市老年婦女對應力性尿失禁 …

 · PDF 檔案• 計畫中文名稱 以健康信念模式分析臺北市老年婦女對應力性尿失禁之預防行為 • 計畫英文名稱 Analysis by Health Belief Model of Stress Incontinence Preventive Behavior among Elderly Women in Taipei • 系統編號 PC8905-0079 • 研究性質 基礎研究
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